Taper pant style guide by Hanna Cody

Taper pant style guide by Hanna Cody

4 Styles to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Ethical Pant

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Being a powerhouse babe requires a powerhouse outfit. Pair your Taper pant with a hand-tailored blazer like this one that I found in Italy and a locally-crafted handbag. Layer up with a thrifted jacket to say warm when the weather gets cold.



Everyday style guide.PNG


You don’t have to dress up to be your best self. Pair your everyday errand ensemble with your comfiest (and cutest) vintage denim jacket. Pair with your go-to walking shoe and a pop of color to keep your look fun and fresh.



Night out style guide.PNG


Any woman can be a statement maker with a vintage statement jacket like this one from Ralph Lauren. Add in some stellar shoes, and you have the perfect recipie for owning the dance floor.



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Staying comfortable for travel doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your look. Pair the Taper with an ethically-made denim jacket and staple tee swapped with family or friends. Bonus points for topping off the look with some sustainable sneaks. Bon voyage, ecofashionista!



We the Source is an ethical and sustainable women-owned brand that makes athletic wear for any woman. Their size-inclusive line is suitable for any season and can be found online at wethesource.com and on Instagram @wethesource.

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