Our Values & Ethics


  • Fabrics: We choose fabrics that meet our high standards for responsible production. We work closely with local mills that produce fabrics in the US, using fair labor and ethical practices. The bulk of our fabrics are made from fibers that are organic, recycled, or produced using other sustainable methods. We also occasionally use deadstock fabrics (which would otherwise go to landfills). We are on track to convert to fully organic sources for our cotton fabrics by January 1, 2020!
  • Petroleum products: Many common fabrics used in our industry, such as nylon, polyester, and Spandex come from petroleum. We make design choices to keep the use of these products to the minimum usage possible. We do so while also advocating at the systemic level for better solutions that will reduce the use of these products industry-wide.
  • Shipping: We strive for plastic-free shipping. All packaging and shipping material choices are made with an eye toward recyclability and biodegradability. Plastics and petroleum-based packaging are used only if strictly necessary. If a product we carry from a partner brand arrives to us with plastic packaging components, we won’t remove them, but we won’t add more plastic. 
  • Dyeing: We choose lower-impact dyeing methods, opting out of processes that require toxic chemicals. 
  • Quality: One of the most sustainable choices you can make with your wardrobe is to say no to the fast-fashion trap and decide to keep, use, and love your garments longer. We put thoughtful craftsmanship into everything we make, so that your clothes can move with you for years to come.
  • Stepping off the season-cycle treadmill: The season cycle was created by the fashion industry to create FOMO, which in turn creates overconsumption and needless waste. We choose to do things differently. We put forth products when we have spent the time to put enough thought and love into products that give our customers the value they deserve. We believe that our customers know quality and will cherish their timeless pieces made with care.

Other Responsible Practices

  • Made in LA: We manufacture locally. This allows us to meet the people who make up our supply chain, talk to them, and feel confident that they have fair working conditions.
  • Brand partners: We partner with other female-owned brands that embrace similar values and practices around sustainability and social justice.
  • Giving back: We donate 1% of gross proceeds to organizations that help improve the lives of women and girls. Every quarter, we choose a new organization. For 2020, the recipient of our Give Back program is Hashtag Happy Period, an organization that works to promote menstrual equity in Los Angeles and cities across the US.